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Press Releases 05.24.16
Protecting the ability of suspected terrorists to arm themselves to the teeth at American gun stores shows the staggering recklessness of Republicans’ radicalism.
Press Releases 05.24.16
It is deeply disappointing that Republicans have sought to block open debate of these and other issues...
Press Releases 05.24.16
Republicans' conduct of the Select Panel is a disgrace, and increasingly a threat to the lives of those who Republicans have chosen to harass.
Press Releases 05.23.16
Our federal chemical safety laws have been broken for a long time. Most of all, they are inadequate to protect the health and safety of our families and our planet.
Press Releases 05.22.16
Through his selflessness, he gave hope to the cause of justice. Through his strategic leadership, he gave hope to all who strive to achieve the full promise of our founding ideals.
Speeches 05.21.16
Baltimore – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi delivered the commencement address to the Class of 2016 graduates at Morgan State University – the largest historically black college or university in Maryland.  Below are the Leader’s remarks as delivered: “Good morning, everyone.  Thank you,... Continue ...
Blog Posts 05.20.16
Yesterday, House GOP leaders went to desperate lengths to target LGBT Americans – forcing Members to break regular order, support bigotry and switch their votes on Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney’s anti-LGBT discrimination...
Press Releases 05.19.16
He inspires us to strive with even greater urgency toward a moonshot to cure cancer. We are grateful for his service to our country.
Press Releases 05.19.16
Sadly, we all awakened this morning to the very sad news of the EgyptAir plane going down. Of course, our prayers and thoughts are with the families, mostly Egyptians, French, and then some other countries, some children.
Blog Posts 05.19.16
The same radical, special-interest priorities of the last Congress.
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